6 foot paddles (actually 67in)  are longer than most and intended for use in smaller brewhouses or by really ambitious homebrewers.    42″ paddles are intended to be used by homebrewers.  They are carved on both sides from a single piece of Rock Maple.

Engraving: A logo or artwork can be engraved in the headstock (one side or both sides) as long as it is a black & white image (with no gray) that is roughly square or can be inscribed in a circle.   Please send a JPG or BMP image of the artwork to be engraved and feel free to ask about feasibility.

Paddle can be used as-is.  If desired, you can finish it with mineral oil or butcher block oil to prolong usefulness and prevent oils from your hand soaking into it, but allow several days to dry prior to use.  Paddle can be re-sanded to restore original look.

These paddles might also find uses in the dairy/cheese industries and, food and beverage industries.